Boston is home to some of the best cultural attractions on the East Coast, ranging from tiny concert venues, to large opera houses, to a variety of shopping centers.

Boston is known for its music scene. There are venues capable of holding thousands and thousands of people, and others that are merely tiny rooms with space for no more than 100 excited listeners. Whatever type of concert you are looking for, Boston is guaranteed to have it.

If you are looking for a large concert venue, Boston has many opportunities to see the big-name artists. Comcast Center is just outside of Boston and features a variety of famous artists, hosting concerts such as Brad Paisley, Dave Matthews Band, and the Vans Warped Tour this season.

Another large venue, the TD Garden (where the Boston Bruins and Celtics play) has a number of revered artists performing soon, such as Rihanna, Muse, and Bruno Mars.

And keep an eye out for another large venue that will be holding concerts this summer: Fenway Park. Fenway’s sometimes-pricy tickets ensure that you will get a seat to the highly anticipated concerts around Boston, such as Paul McCartney and Justin Timberlake/Jay Z.

There are also many Boston concert venues that are extremely small, usually with a maximum capacity of about 200 people. House of Blues Boston is the most mainstream of the small concert venues, and promises eclectic concerts such as Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, and Imagine Dragons.

If you are looking to go even smaller or more original, Paradise Rock Club near Boston University and Café 939 at Berklee offer concerts under $20 with acts that are up and coming or from overseas. These venues promise a very intimate show with acts that are usually new and promising.

Boston is also a great city for theater.

There are large theaters scattered around Boston, such as the Boston Opera House, where you can go experience a large orchestra, or to see Broadway musicals such as “The Book of Mormon” or “Wicked.”

For a normally less-expensive show, the Boston University Theatre puts on plays throughout the year in their small studio. The Boston Theatre also promises an incredible show, displaying both plays and ballets.

Another facet of attractions in Boston is the shopping. Just outside of Boston, there are two classic malls—a smaller scale shopping mall, South Shore Plaza, and the larger Natick Mall, one of the largest malls on the coast. The Natick Mall is home to extremely high-end stores such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Free People.

If you are looking for outside shopping, there are also many great attractions to choose from. Legacy Place, not far from ENC, has outside restaurants and shopping with some of the most popular stores, including Urban Outfitters and Love Culture. There is also Quincy Market, which is justifiably famous for its tremendous selection of food, retailers, and events.

Whatever you are in the mood for, there is no reason to be bored on the weekend. There are so many venues and attractions in and near Boston, and seeing them all could keep you busy for years.