The sweat and pressure all hinges on a basket full of numbers. One of those numbers is your ticket to relief or disappointment.

I lucked out — I drew number one. However, something was not right, and I could not walk away knowing that many of my fellow peers would not be so fortunate.

It’s the luck of the draw at ENC when it comes to student housing. The amount of years in schooling, along with deposit punctuality, dictates the hierarchy for all dorms, but the real battle starts within peers of the same class.

It was by chance that I received number one, rather than number 25. Even though I’m content now, I may not be as lucky in the future.

My goal is to conquer the basket of numbers and search for some room draw justice. With this in mind, I offer a few solutions (and the problems they may pose):

  1. Every deposit should be time-stamped, so that those who pass their deposits in first get priority. That would quickly establish a pecking order. (Although possibly causing financial sensitivity and pressure for the students).
  2. Students’ GPAs could be added to the process. (However, this could prove time-consuming for faculty and staff).
  3. Community service hours could be included. (Unfortunately, most freshmen will not have enough hours, or any at all).

As you can see, I am brainstorming for the sake of my peers, and myself, in the hope that the next room draw will change for the better. In order to see justice prevail, your ideas and solutions are important. Just because you had the luck of the draw, does not leave you off the hook. There is still another room draw to come, where you will reach for a ticket of relief or disappointment.