“Halloween is the devil’s birthday” is a common statement from individuals who wish not to celebrate Halloween. For generations, there has been debate on whether or not it’s OK for Christians to celebrate Halloween, a holiday which is celebrated many different ways by people in all parts of the world..

Is it OK for Christians to celebrate Halloween? Are Christians celebrating the devil’s birthday when they celebrate Halloween?

Halloween does have religious significance for some individuals. Some Halloween events have been deemed “non-Christian” and are associated with demons. So understandably, Christians need to be mindful in how they participate on this holiday.

No matter what we think about Halloween, it’s important to remember that the Bible teaches us that we should not judge or condemn others if their views are different from ours.

Not all Christians feel right about celebrating Halloween, whether it’s because of the demonic meaning it can have or the scary situations. Halloween can have religious significance to Christians if they allow it to.

As Christians, it is our responsibility to decide based on biblical principles whether or not to participate in Halloween and not to judge other individuals who decide to participate.