LionsTalkFinalIn August of 2012, the Veritas News began a feature in our opinion section called Quick Hits. Many students caught on quickly and began to submit their own Quick Hits to the newspaper via text message.

The activity of Quick Hits diminished at the beginning of this year. While students still expressed the desire to read them and have them in the newspaper, not as many students submitted them.

To attempt to reinvigorate this section, the Veritas is launching a new campaign: #LionsTalk.

Rather than just texting the newspaper your funny thoughts, why not send them to us on Twitter as well? Our hope is that this campaign will make students want to send us their #LionsTalk because we have added another venue in which students can do so.

If you prefer to keep your comments anonymous, you can still text your #LionsTalk to 617-657-4127.

Here is an example of what you might send:

– Why aren’t there any businesses that want to open within walking distance that cater to ENC’ers?

– Gardner stairs got me today.

If you want to tweet your #LionsTalk, please use the hashtag we have created. If you want to make sure we see it, use the hashtag and tweet @TheVeritasNews.