Some students on campus would like an excuse to never go to chapel, but as a Christian campus it is expected that we would be required to go to chapel.

The truth is, ENC does not ask that much from us when it comes to chapel credits. We are not required to go to every single chapel service, and we are automatically allowed to miss at least six of them.

There are other opportunities to get chapel credit, too, such as attending evening worship services. If you take advantage of these opportunities, you might get away with missing up to ten Wednesday/Friday chapel services in a semester.

ENC is really not asking much of us in terms of fulfilling chapel credits, and it is not as if the college is trying to make it difficult for us. Ask any student and every one of them will tell you to go to all the chapels at the beginning of the year. That way, when the workload gets heavier at the end of the semester, you will not have to worry about getting fined for missing chapel. Instead, you can use that time to work on other assignments or catch up on sleep, if need be.

So take advantage of that well-known fact and get your chapel credits fulfilled sooner rather than later.

Even if you do not necessarily enjoy chapel, understand that there are others who do. Going to chapel is an important aspect of the ENC experience for some students. In fact, some students have expressed the desire to have chapel offered three times a week.

ENC was founded as a Christian college, and the administration wants to set up a college structure that reflects this. Part of that involves having required chapel credits.