Many students use Twitter during chapel (hashtag, #ENCchapel) to tweet about the speaker or about worship. Even if you are tweeting an inspiring quote or a Bible verse, tweeting during chapel is wrong for many different reasons.

First, tweeting is a distraction to the people around you because you are on your phone. It is also a distraction to you. What if you miss something that the speaker said during chapel that could be life-changing for you? You might miss a powerful message because you were too busy sending a tweet.

Second, people who tweet during chapel are being rude to the speaker. The person invited to speak that day will surely appreciate it if people are listening to him or her instead of tweeting from their phones. Think of it this way: It’s like having a conversation with someone who decides to use his phone during your whole conversation. That would make you feel as though he doesn’t really care about what you are saying. That, my friends, is rude.

Finally, there is really no point in tweeting about chapel while you are still there. I am sure everyone else heard the quote you are tweeting, considering that everyone attends the same chapel service on Wednesdays and Fridays. They don’t need you to repeat it for them.

Chapel is about creating a relationship between you and God, not you, God and Twitter.