There have been arguments about when people should start celebrating Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but when I see Christmas commercials on TV and decorations being put up in malls in October or November, I wonder why. It’s so soon. It’s too early.

I know everyone is different. Some people who really love Christmas never think it’s too early. For other people like myself, I think the right time to begin to get into the holiday spirit is after Thanksgiving. Christmas is being advertised before the other two holidays are even here to celebrate. It’s like we don’t have enough time to even celebrate or take in the Halloween or Thanksgiving holidays.

The day after Thanksgiving is an appropriate time to start putting up the decorations and actually celebrating the anticipation of Christmas. It’s not too early, but not too late. Personally, I like taking one holiday at a time so that I can really enjoy it. I do not like it when one is being advertised on the television at the same time that another holiday is occurring or seeing places getting prepared early for the next holiday.

I hear a lot of people say, “Why are there decorations up for Christmas? We haven’t even reached the end of November yet.” No one is in that mindset yet to think about Christmas and go Christmas shopping. Everyone has their own opinion of when to start celebrating Christmas, but the end of November is the right time for my family and me to start.