We are approaching that time of year once again—Christmastime. But for many of us, celebrating Christmas has actually already begun.

Students across campus have already started playing Christmas music in their dorm rooms. Some students were even counting down the days to Nov. 1, which is when they deem Christmastime begins. However, not all students agree with this early celebration. Some complain that it is still too early for Christmas.

Personally, I have started playing Christmas music—and I play it proudly. Christmas time starts when November does; as soon as Halloween ends, the Christmas spirit can fill the air.

Christmas music helps us get through the cold days. It reminds us that Christmas is right around the corner, especially when we are nearing the end of the semester. This year, we are only home for one week before Christmas Day.

By starting Christmas before Thanksgiving, you have more opportunity to enjoy the season with family and friends and you are able to spread out the stressful shopping trips.

I understand those who are against the idea of celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving. Many people want to enjoy one holiday at a time, and it can make it difficult to enjoy Thanksgiving when you already have Christmas on your mind.

However, it makes sense to start celebrating Christmas after Halloween because it is such a different holiday with a unique atmosphere, and it tends to go along with Thanksgiving. Christmas and Thanksgiving complement each other. Many families even have similar traditions for both Christmas and Thanksgiving.

For families who spend Thanksgiving with some of their relatives and Christmas with others, you have the opportunity to celebrate both of the holidays on the same day. If you are celebrating Christmas on Thanksgiving with part of your family, you would want to start Christmastime earlier.

Christmas is the best time of the year. It celebrates when our savior was born. Why would we not want to extend that joyous celebration?