Both ENC’s men and women’s soccer teams are looking to end the season strong as they make the final push toward playoffs.

The men’s team is coming off a strong non-conference win against Pine Manor 2-1.

The men’s team has 5 matches left in the season, with 4 being conference games. They’ve won 7 games so far this season, a big improvement on the 5 win season they had last year.

The men hope to win big during their conference tournament. Eight out the 10 teams in our CCC division will make the playoffs, and according to senior David Eddings, the team’s hard work, fighting spirit, and teamwork give the Lions a fighting chance.

“The good thing is that we have had success as a team this year. We have won games; we just have to translate our success into conference games,” Eddings says. “Another thing working in our favor is that we have played most of the teams at the top of the conference already. Hopefully we can get on a winning streak to end the season and reach our ultimate goal of making the playoffs.”

Junior and leading goal scorer Andrew Nelson has similar views about making the playoffs this year.

“I want a chance to play in the playoffs. We have made significant strides as a team and hopefully we can put it all together now and make a run at the playoffs,” Nelson said.

The women’s team looks to rebound after a tough loss against Brandeis.

The women’s team also has 4 conference matches left. They are 2-3 in the conference, thanks to a recent win against Gordon.

In order to get to the playoffs, they need to be one of the top 8 teams. The conference is wide open. If they can string a few wins together, they can make a significant move up the standings as well.

Junior Kiara Ketchuck is encouraged by the intensity her team has brought to the field and hopes this intensity can translate into victories.

“We have been playing very hard lately bringing intensity each and every game. I hope we can string a couple wins together in these final games so that we can make a push into the playoffs. We’ve had some tough results lately, but I’m confident in my team that we can get things going,” Ketchuck said.

Both the men and women’s teams are hosting Slave Regina next Saturday during Homecoming weekend.