This season, ENC women’s volleyball has worked extremely hard to push through the hardship of losing a player to an injury midway through the season.

Middle Hitter Joanna Joseph has been a vital player on the team for years, but suffered a foot injury while on the court this season, making it difficult to continue actively representing her team.

Joseph is attempting to persevere despite her severe injury, that limits both her confidence and ability to participate in matches.

“I’m very self-conscious when I’m playing, so I’m constantly worried about my foot and what I do on the court and how it will affect me on the court,” Joseph said.

Joanna’s injury has not only affected her but has been extremely hard for the entire team.  The number of players are set early on in the summer, making it difficult for Joseph to be seamlessly replaced.

“Since the season starts in early August, it’s really hard to have try-outs, especially when there’s no promise that someone will make the team, so I don’t have a replacement,” Joseph continued.

Although her injury has mainly kept her on the bench, Joseph has continued to positively contribute to her team both on and off the court. While on the sidelines, she has been able to examine her team’s strengths and weaknesses, which has helped the team steadily improve.

Joseph looks forward to healing soon and getting back onto the court with her team.

“I’m constantly working to heal my foot even in the process of playing during the season,” Joseph said.