The ENC Women’s Basketball team celebrated Senior Night with a 46-39 victory over Wentworth. Before the game, eight of the seniors received a portrait of their jerseys in front of their family, friends, and fans.

On Feb. 6, one of the eight seniors to receive a jersey portrait was Jordan Grays. A Sports Management major who hopes to go return home to attend graduate school in California upon graduating, Grays, like most of the senior honorees, felt humbled to see her contributions to the team awarded before the game.

She expresses, “Being honored before the game just reminded me of all the times I played in that jersey and was a reminder of how physically involved I was with the team these past four years.”

Grays’s parents were able to make the trip from California to Boston to see their daughter play for the first time since her freshman year.

Krysta Holl was also one of the eight seniors honored. The Social Work major also wishes to go back home for graduate school. She described the process of being honored before the game as “an emotional rollercoaster.”

She adds, “You warm-up just like any other game and Coach Sasha pulls the seniors aside to tell us how proud she is and then we receive these portraits in front our family and friends.”

Senior Nicole Greer had a season high 13 rebounds. Her rebounding, combined with fellow senior Elia Salazar, gave the Lions 19 second-chance points. The Lions also had 28 attempted free throws compared to 14 by Wentworth.

The Lions are now the fifth seed in the CCC tournament. The Lady Lions’s next game is Tuesday, February 16, at Western New England.