by Laurent Ruttkowski

The intramural sports at Eastern Nazarene College, organized by the Director of Recreational Life, Daniel Blue, are about to begin.

Intramurals offer non-athletic students, as well athletes, the opportunity to compete in self-chosen teams for various sports.

During the fall semester, students can take part in intramural flag football or volleyball. Flag football will take place during the remainder of September until the middle of October on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on Colletta Field. The teams have a total of nine people, with six students playing on the field battling it out for the winning title. Intramural volleyball will start the competition during the week following homecoming. They will be played in teams of four.

Eastern is also looking for the best badminton team of two. The tournament will be held on the school reading day, September 27. Blue, who is responsible for organizing this competition, is looking to support Eastern’s athletics in any way he can. Blue said that he “always loved playing intramurals and supporting ENC’s athletes at their games. So, I wanted to become more involved.”

Blue is full of new ideas for getting students involved, one of which is punch cards that students can have stamped at each game they attend. Once the cards are full, students can win an Eastern Nazarene College t-shirt or a gift card to the school store.

Looking into new events to satisfy intramural athletes, Blue is working on a tentative black-light volleyball day where students would play in a glowing gym illuminated by UV lights.

In the spring semester, Blue will organize intramural dodgeball, soccer, and basketball. Blue is looking forward to the rest of the school year. He stated. “I want to get more people involved in the intramurals, as well as ENC sports. There should be more support for ENC sports as a whole, not just for certain teams.”