ENC has flipped my world upside-down in just about every way imaginable.

If you had told me when I first came to ENC that I would eventually be running for executive SGA, I would have told you that you were crazy. But I think that really demonstrates the power that this campus has to change people’s lives. It has certainly changed mine in ways that I never could have imagined.

But ENC has done much more than simply change my life; it has saved it. When I came to ENC, I was living a lie. I was living in the lie that I was a ‘Christian.’ I called myself a dedicated Christian on Sunday mornings, but then lived my life doing things that I knew were against God’s will for the rest of the week, and while I would love to say that this instantly changed when I arrived at ENC, it did not.

For years while I was here, it was simply this same cycle. But amid all of this, I began to get to know the people on this campus. I began to develop relationships with people from very different walks of life, both spiritually and culturally. I began to see people who were on fire for God and faithfully living out radical, reckless love. I began to see Jesus.

However, living in this cycle of sin was not a sustainable way to live, and there came a time where I was faced with the decision of continuing and deepening my life of sin or trying to actually live the authentic Christian life that I had seen so many on this campus personify. I can say confidently that if it were not for this beloved community, I would not be a Christian right now. This campus truly saved my life and taught me what it means to have a relationship with Jesus.

By now, you have seen all of my campaign promises. You have heard that I want to increase communication with students. You have heard that I want to promote a sense of pride on campus. You have heard that I want to make sure that everyone has a voice. I am truly passionate about all of those things, and I intend to keep those promises if elected. But in the end, serving on SGA would be more than a job for me.

This would be a chance to give back to the community that has given so much to me. This would be a chance to love, to serve, and to thank the people that have saved my life.



This candidate’s editorial is a part of a Veritas series for the Executive SGA campaign. All candidates were invited to contribute in this way.