I’m running for the position of Director of Publicity because I believe that members of Executive SGA have unique opportunities and resources to make an impact on this school and on the lives of the students here.

I think that the goal of Executive SGA should be to represent all members of this campus, to provide opportunities for people to speak up, and to do fun things that bring people together and make it enjoyable to be here.

I think the position of Director of Publicity, in particular, is influential in this way. In order to get people involved, it’s important for everyone to be aware of what opportunities there are: not only events to attend, but opportunities speak up, learn about someone else’s perspective, or to hear about the changes being made at ENC.

One of the actions I would like to take is to create a large calendar that outlines what is happening on campus: forums, Student Senate meetings, and events each month. I want to continue using flyers, email, and social media to publicize, but to also implement more connection-based engagement. Word-of-mouth communication tends to be a more effective way of getting students involved and I believe asking people (such as RA’s and Orientation Leaders) to spread the word would better inform, encourage, and spark interest.

Additionally, I would also like to see the role of Director of Publicity utilized to gain feedback from students and learn what they think about issues on campus. Hopefully, this would redirect the focus of Exec. SGA toward genuinely reflecting the student body. For example, Executive SGA members could meet with important figures at ENC to speak on behalf of students and discuss things that legitimately affect this campus, such as the new attendance policy that was implemented this year.

In order to accurately represent students, systems should be in place to more effectively involve and inform student about conversations such as this. This is a prime example of a job that I think falls under the role of Director of Publicity.

I would also like to create a resource center that explains the things ENC has to offer, such as job opportunities, the Brickley Center, CAS, etc. and give students a specific person or place to go with questions about opportunities on campus.

For these reasons, I believe I would do well as Director of Publicity. I am an artistic, creative hard worker, and I strive to do things to the best of my ability. I love people and care about the individuals on campus who feel like they are not welcome or do not have a place, and I hope to be able to use this role to make a positive impact on this campus.



This candidate’s editorial is a part of a Veritas series for the Executive SGA campaign. All candidates were invited to contribute in this way.