Four women’s Basketball players at Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) are experiencing their Senior collegiate season on the basketball court.
For many college athletes, participating in sports has been a big part of their lives. After their senior season, the countless hours of practicing, working out, van rides, and memories with teammates come to a bittersweet end.

The women’s team has four seniors this year: Alyssa Cosio, Stella Dulay, Tia Torio and Emma Farrow. All four seniors transferred to ENC from junior colleges after their sophomore years.

Alyssa Cosio came to ENC from a junior college in California (Santa Barbara City College) to continue her academics and athletics. The first time she played basketball was in the third grade for her elementary school. When asked why she chose ENC, Cosio said, “How often do you get to live across the country for a few years and do what you love?” For Cosio, basketball has been a way to de-stress and build lasting friendships. As far as academics, Cosio’s goal is to get good grades and receive her degree in Biology.

Stella Dulay also transferred from Santa Barbara City College. She joined ENC to play basketball and finish her Sports Management degree and hopes to become an Athletic Director or a scout for Basketball. She says she’s had a basketball in her hand since she was four years old. Her favorite part about the basketball experience is the team chemistry. She describes the team as a “second family,” and says she will miss the friendships made through basketball. According to her, the bond with her teammates is special compared to that of regular friends. She said, “Being a senior is a bittersweet feeling. I’m not happy it’s going to be over, but it’s a lot of wear and tear on your body.”

Tia Torio is from California but played for Miles Community College in Montana. Her basketball career started in the eighth grade when she played for her middle school and two travel teams, “BCB Elite” and “Hoopology.” Torio answered, “#ENC for me” when asked why she chose ENC. Similar to Cosio, she explained that basketball is a way to get away from the stresses of life because when you are on the court, there is nothing else you have to focus on. Her favorite part of the basketball seasons is the after game meals. She also said that creating new bonds and making memories with teammates is what she will miss most. Off the court, Torio wants to be academically successful and graduate on time.

Emma Farrow also played for Miles Community College but did not transfer to ENC until the Spring semester of her junior year. Farrow hopes to gain and maintain friendships within the team that last longer than the season. She wants to become a teacher when she graduates. Farrow decided to come to ENC because of the basketball coaches, Sacha Santimano and Madison Flowers, and the “family-like feeling” within the team. Farrow says, “Playing basketball has given me life skills that impact the way I live every single day.”

Of the four seniors interviewed, all love to play basketball and are grateful for the opportunities given to them. The lessons learned on the basketball court often translate to those of life outside of the court and competition. Best of luck to the seniors on the basketball court and in their life journeys!