Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) will be sending a Fusion team to Puerto Rico during the week of spring break 2019 to help the community renovate and rebuild collapsed property after Hurricane Maria. Among the eight students between Eastern Nazarene College and Trevecca Nazarene College, sophomore Rachel Bourk is among the most excited for this year’s spring break Fusion trip.

In 2018, Bourk went on the Philippines Fusion trip where the focus was to find ways to effectively make change happen worldwide. That trip touched on the topic of human trafficking which the sophomore holds very near to her heart.

In the past, she has also gone on many mission trips with her home church, First Assembly of God in Rhode Island. Trips have been to New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy and to Newark, New York for community building. She has also traveled to Puerto Rico before.

Bourk’s first time going to Puerto Rico was focused on interpersonal growth. She met many new people there and established relationships with them. This time around, she hopes to view Puerto Rico through servant’s eyes.

“I enjoy helping people, so this is going to be a tangible way of me seeing how I can help a community,” said Bourk. “I enjoy that aspect of being able to give my time, my talents and my treasures and being able to help others out.”

The Rhode Island native is looking forward to the hard work of cleaning and painting but also to the fun times, like a possible zip-lining experience, and the good food. Her only concern for the trip is the weather since she does not enjoy the hot climate.

Through many donations from loved ones and the ENC crowdfunding page, along with her own hard work, the sophomore was able to raise enough money to attend the spring break trip.

“If you feel inclined to do it (Fusion trip) at all, do it,” said Bourk about going on a Fusion trip. “Don’t worry about the money, that kind of stuff will fall into place as time goes on, and don’t let any fears about going out of the country hold you back from doing it. If you feel like it will be something awesome for you. JUST DO IT!”