Eastern Nazarene College has added a worship arts major for students to take starting in fall 2019. Students can either earn a bachelor’s degree or choose to minor in it. Professor John Nielson will be the primary instructor in charge of this major.

The worship arts major has been in the works for several years. Although it was expected to take one year longer to implement the major, professor Nielson arranged to get it going this fall. The addition of the major happened at a convenient time, explained Nielson, because the music department was cut. Thus, the new program can keep a part of the music department alive.

Nielson believes that many students will show their interest in this major. The program will focus on aspects of religion and culture along with various worship arts.

Nielson stated “there will be a skill concentration that every student will identify.”

If someone is interested in piano, art, theatre, or some other creative path, they can direct and adjust their studies to have an internship or involvement at a music store or church ministry.

For incoming students wishing to major in music, the worship arts major could be a good alternative. While working towards this degree, students can expect to take classes with a worship arts core such as worships in the Christian tradition. Other classes will be devising theatre, multicultural drama, or dance art and poetry.

The worship arts major will be a blend of biblical studies as well as worship and ministry skills. The addition of this major will give students another option in pursuing the degree of their passion.