What are three goals you have for your new position next year in SGA?

“My first goal is talking more about and being in conversation with students and staff about the problems that we face as students, particularly talking about anxiety and depression. Talking more about that; bringing more awareness to it and making a difference in that area cause it is such a big thing that a lot of students face on campus that isn’t really talked about. Second idea is that I will be forming a committee of students that represents all different aspects of our campus, whether that will be a person in athletics, someone that is part of theater and different leaders on campus that have the same mission idea of wanting to grow and make a difference in the spiritual lives of students. So I will be forming a committee of about seven people that will come together and come up with ideas and ways in which we can grow the campus spiritually. Cause I think that if it was just based on me and just based on my ideas then I don’t think that I could make as big of a difference as a group of people. The third idea is that we have events led by students like Kingdom Experience and Refiners Fire that aren’t very well attended and I will love to see a difference in that and coming up with ways and ideas to draw more students. And specifically getting athletes, cause that is a major part of what I want to see a difference in.

Besides doing what is required from your SGA position, what is a different aspect of being in SGA that you are excited for?

“There are a lot of things that I am excited for! I would say first off the team that I will get to serve with, my council specifically, I am very excited about that because all these seven positions have the same mindset of wanting to improve student life and make a difference in the student life and that is why I’m excited to be part of a team of people, like a family, who have the same passion and mindset cause ENC is a great place and I would love to see it grow. I would also say that being in community with the staff as well and being in communication with them so we can best represent the students and their ideas and show that to the staff, so that our staff and students aren’t in separate places but are a family together who are working for the same goal.”