Photo credit:  Boston Brewin blog.

Photo credit: Boston Brewin blog.

Boston has an increasingly growing reputation for its prodigious dining establishments. The most impressive spots are those that are hidden from a huge crowd. Being a hungry college student and wanting to get away to a quiet place off campus can be tough, but with a bit of effort, finding little spots to feed your appetite can be a breeze. Look no further then Newbury Street’s Trident Booksellers & Café.

Spots like Trident Café are very unique. Upon entering the door marked with a trident seal, you’ll find yourself in a sea of books. Just around the corner from the main entrance and book area is the dining area. You have the choice to sit at the bar or at a table. During the evening hours the café is not crowded, so you can enjoy a relaxing evening with some food and a good book.

Trident’s menu is expansive. If you think Trident only offers a few choices of food, think again. The menu offers food choices that cater to all different kinds eaters, from vegetarians to vegans to omnivores.

Trident makes all the food menu options available no matter what time of day. No need to worry about coming in at 11:30 in the morning and missing breakfast; they’ll whip up your heart’s desire in a timely fashion.

The food is fresh and made the way you want it. I usually get pancakes with bananas and granola (cooked inside, not just tossed on top) with a side a scrambled eggs and coffee. The wait staff is very friendly and down to earth. They’ll ask how you would like your food cooked (as any place should), and my plate was filled with food. It is definitely worth your money.

The atmosphere at Trident is pleasantly casual. Many people work on their laptops while enjoying a fresh cup of tea. Sometimes, a group of friends gathers around a laptop to watch a movie in the café. I once saw a few friends watching Toy Story 3 as they sipped on their freshly prepared fruit smoothies. Personally, I enjoy going to Trident with a friend on a late Saturday morning. We have pleasant conversations, catching up with one another, as I scarf down my delightful breakfast at 12:30 in the afternoon.

Trident isn’t completely unknown to ENC students. Junior student Ashley Dionne has been going to Trident for quite some time.

“It’s the perfect combination of my two loves: food and books. I could honestly live there,” Dionne remarked.

Although I’d love to keep this gem of a restaurant all to myself, I know Trident Café is a great place. You can eat, read, talk, watch movies, play games, buy books, and study in a laid-back environment. There’s no doubt that Trident could be one of the hottest café spots in Boston, but for now, it stays a hidden gem.