Wagamama, located in Faneuil Hall. There are two other Wagamama locations in Boston: Harvard Square and the Prudential Center. Photo credit: Bostonmassdining.com

Wagamama is a modern Japanese restaurant that offers a strange but tasty variety of foods with good service. When you go, expect something different from what you are used to because Wagamama is a restaurant that offers unique and very delicious meals.

This restaurant has three locations: Faneuil Hall, the Prudential Center, and Harvard Square, all common traveling locations for tourists and locals alike.

Wagamama offers a variety of “Japanese inspired cuisine,” according to their website. Most dishes are noodle-based, with options like teppanyaki, curry dishes, chili dishes, and more. They also offer fresh juices and Japanese ice cream

The first time I went to Wagamama, I ordered the Teppanyaki with pork. It was great; I enjoyed the egg and various vegetables incorporated in the dish. However, the noodles were thick and a little difficult to eat to the inexperienced connoisseur.

Going back the second time, I tried a different dish. The Chili Chicken Ramen was delicious and easier to consume. The chicken was well cooked and the broth was delicious, although the chicken could have been in smaller bites to make it easier to eat. The vegetables were fresh and the noodles had just the right texture to them. However, if you dislike spicy foods or cannot handle them, this might not be the dish for you.

For those who are skilled enough to use them, Wagamama offers chopsticks, but also provides Western style utensils (like forks − I was incredibly grateful for that). The chopsticks are always fun to try to use for those that may be inexperienced, like me. The fork already provided on the table allows the customer to avoid potentially embarrassing him/herself by asking for it.

With a location right next to Quincy Market, this restaurant is a fun place to dine out. The building is see-through glass, so you can watch street performers and people-watch while enjoying a good meal. The seating is also comfortable and clean, creating a great environment for a perfect for a night out with friends or even a date night.

Wagamama has convenient locations around the city, kind staff, and quick service. The food is unique, but absolutely delicious. If Japanese noodles are your thing (or you think they may be), and you want a reasonably quick and well-priced meal, Wagamama is worth a visit.