BWP 2.2

Junior Kayla Rearick takes center stage in a scene from “The Bible Women’s Project.” Photo provided by Tara Brooke Watkins.

The Bible Women’s Project will return to Cove Auditorium this fall for two more encore performances.

At the beginning of spring semester, ENC theatre director Tara Brooke Watkins put on an original ENC production, featuring an entire cast of female ENC students and alumni. The play takes a closer look at the women in the Bible and how they are portrayed within scripture. The play also helps to create a safe place to discuss serious issues that women face every day.

The winter play was such a hit that the cast and crew agreed to an encore, performing three additional shows a week after it hit the stage.

Watkins said she is excited about the show coming back again because it means a completely new group of people are able to see it. Additionally, she is excited for what this means for ENC’s theatre department.

“To my knowledge, the department has never revived a show. I would like to think this department will benefit from this by having more people notice it, value it, and trust it,” Watkins commented.

Art has always been a way for people to express themselves and shed light on social issues. The Bible Women’s Project achieves this by expressing the true concerns and stories of everyday women.

“Theatre is powerful and the department works hard to include as many people as possible on its stage and to choose shows that represent the lives of the people who might have encounter in the world, who need the loving touch [of] Jesus,” Watkins continued. “I cannot begin to explain how this show will and has touch lives, I only trust that it will and that God will work though the play to do so.”

This play has not only impacted the community, but it also has impacted the cast and the crew that worked on the show.

“This experience has been humbling. God continues to teach me that he is in control and that he has the power to do what I could not possibly imagine,” Watkins said.

Watkins has no plans for writing another play anytime soon, but she is open to God’s plans as they are revealed to her.

“This time last year I had no plans of writing a play, I am not big on plans since God rarely shows them to me early,” she concluded.

The Bible Women’s Project will be performed again in Cove on Sept. 11and 12 this fall.