Medium: Acrylic paint and Graphite pencil by Michelle Orellana





There is this worm that slithers on its belly searching for meaning

Feelings of worthlessness surrounds its being.

Never seeing

Beyond the grey weeds that it once called home

Never roamed

Never broke free

Never saw the hope some see

But then appeared a light

But not just any light, this light shined oh so bright

The light wrapped it in a casing so tight yet so warm

Even through the storm, the casing was never torn

Then suddenly the worm felt the light starting to break through the shell slightly

It thought to itself ‘I feel different this isn’t like me’

It thought to itself ‘This shell that I thought was meant to hurt me was really meant to shape me and mold me’

The very thing meant to hold me

The encasing that warmed this cold heart and got rid of the old me

Then suddenly the light burned and broke through the shell

The worm couldn’t tell that it no longer slithered

The very thing that hindered it from flying was old, gone, and dead

Now instead it had wings and finally could fly

High in the sky

Above the wasteland it called home and said its final goodbye.