There’s a fresh new voice emerging from Medford, Oregon, that goes by the name of Bora Bora. The band’s new self-titled EP is sure to please any listener, no matter one’s tastes.

The four-track EP is roughly over 15 minutes of great ingenuity and is a great compare and contrast between lyrics and sounds. The first track, “Flee Thy Muster,” contains multiple layers of instruments that complement singer Sean Siders’s vocals. Beginning on a positive beat, the song reaches a climax that precedes a quieter bridge, accompanied by a pleasing trumpet number.

“Lacuna Bridge” carries on that positive and somewhat tropical vibe that is strongly reminiscent of Vampire Weekend. Bora Bora pulls from various cultures, as is demonstrated by singing in Afrikaans for a portion of this song. The diversity provides a theme of love and life. The listener hears: “So Dance with our bodies and music will keep us alive/is not living/As long as lacuna survives.” Ending the song with wild applause and cheering urges the listener to seize the moment in which one finds himself in.

“Banshee Nouveau” was the first song released by Bora Bora in May of this year, and is the third track on this EP. This song is reflective of Vampire Weekend’s strumming guitar and upbeat style, but Bora Bora is not lost in that comparison. It’s evident where the band draws its influence from, but there’s rich originality to be appreciated, especially in this song. The unique production and artistry in these four minutes alone prove that this band is striving to make a name for themselves.

The last track on the EP, titled “Emerge,” is the shortest of the four, but quality makes up for its length. “Then out of a dream you crawl,” Siders sings. “This world has only begun with reason why you can’t emerge.” Here’s an example of the uplifting music containing meaty words that might be difficult to swallow. Their experimentation of effects in sound and vocalization provides an unfamiliar yet pleasing blanket of idiosyncratic sound.

Bora Bora definitely deserves attention, and music lovers everywhere need to stay on the lookout for this band. Founded by Siders, Bora Bora also consists of Grayson Phelps on Bass and help from guitar by Andrew Backus. While all three are constantly working on other music projects, Siders has his sights on an LP in the near future, as well as forming a live band. This EP is a simple promise of what this band can and will deliver with whatever it has up its sleeve next.