The Feb. 25 forum on pornography featured key speaker Richard Blankenship in a discussion on porn, pornography addiction, and human trafficking.

Blankenship is Administrative Director of the Capstone Center for Sexual Recovery in Georgia, and opened up the floor for a conversation about the massive amounts of viewers of pornography among the Christian community.

Blankenship stated that pornography is viewed by over 90 percent of Christians worldwide. He focused on the negative effects of pornography and how pornography can lead to abuse, and the bondage of human trafficking.

Blankenship focused a lot of his time on the trauma that the families faced when the addiction to pornography is discovered.

Porn addicts can undergo the same exact treatment as veterans who suffer PTSD. Blankenship described the ways porn and human trafficking go hand in hand. Many young girls that are trafficked eventually become exploited and appear in sexually explicit movies. Blankenship described to students the way these pornography actors lives become a never-ending cycle of rape and exploitation.

“I thought the way that it related porn to human trafficking was really informative. He was an incredible speaker,” said Senior Julianna Cameron.

Due to rapidly spreading knowledge about porn addiction, exploitation, and potentially harmful effects, viewership of porn is now slowly being banned in many hotels across the country, and online and personal petitions to restrict porn in everyday life have been on the rise.