If there’s anyone who has a heart for medical care, it’s Jennifer Glen.

For the past two years, Glen has been volunteering in the cancer out-patient center at Massachusetts General Hospital. During Glen’s on-going time at MGH, she’s worked with patients who have been treated with chemotherapy and biotherapy for malignant diseases.

Most patients are referred to this infusion unit at MGH for treatments or supportive therapies such as blood transfusions, hydration, antibiotic therapy, and pain management. She works personally with patients undergoing treatment.

“I had the great opportunity to interact with patients on a personal level. It was very rewarding for me because many patients continued to recognize me throughout my two years of volunteering,” Glen said.

At the start of the Spring 2016, Glen was moved to the Emergency Department at MGH. Within this ward, she continued working directly with the patients and being responsible for transporting them from their rooms to the necessary imaging centers. Glen says working in this department is not only tedious, but is also quite heartbreaking, because she sees patients in their worst conditions: whether it’s from an overdose or any other severe bodily injury.

“(Volunteering at MGH) is very rewarding because I know that I am giving my time every week to make a small difference to the patient and the patient’s family. It brings happiness to my heart, knowing deep inside that this is why I yearn to continue my goals within the medical field,” Glen said.

Glen is a senior Biology major with a minor in Psychology at ENC. After graduating from ENC, Glen hopes to obtain her Medical Degree along with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She plans on one day opening up her own private practice. Thanks to her three-year summer program at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glen has an extensive understanding of Nuclear Cardiology Research and plans to use this background information toward her future career goals.

Glen credits much of her success to Biology Professor Dr. Matthew Waterman, Theology and Philosophy Professor Dr. Philip LaFountain, and Psychology Professor Dr. Laurie Giles–who have each served as supportive mentors and role models to Glen during her time at ENC.