The House Of Blues in Boston welcomed Relient K and Switchfoot on October 18. It was like an extended family reunion as people started pouring in from all over Massachusetts. Connections were made as people recognized each other from previous concerts or prior church related experiences.

As the venue filled up, room on the floor was nonexistent. With much anticipation, the crowd cheered as Relient K made their way onto the stage. This 1990’s Christian Band had every one on their feet rocking out to songs like “Who I am hates who I have been,” and “Escape.” Nostalgia echoed with each note that was played as they paved the way for Switchfoot to make their entrance.

Jon Foreman, lead guitar and vocalist of Switchfoot, slid out from the right side of the stage and let out a big scream. The crowd went wild as they held up their drinks and the entire floor lit up with cellphone lights. After his opening song, he spoke a little while about a charity for homeless youth. He asked us to donate money to the charity if we could afford it. The band continued to let loose, and the music continued. Jon Foreman hopped off the stage and into the crowd with his microphone, and sang among the throng, putting his arm around one lucky fan. When he made his way back onto the stage, Switchfoot closed their set with their newest Christian single that is all over the radio, “Live It Well,” and everyone belted the lyrics.

Many students from ENC attended the concert and everyone seemed to have a great time. To stay up-to-date on the latest Christian concerts and events, check out these two websites:

Boston Christian Concerts–boston/christian/