If you have wanderlust but you’re a college student, you might see how difficult it is to make the two work. As a college student at ENC though, there are many options to do just that. Eastern Nazarene College is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, New England, and there are multiple fantastic places to visit.

Maine, only a few hours north, is the home of many outdoor adventures, mouthwatering seafood, stunning art galleries, and much more. The redbrick warehouse buildings, the Victorian shipbuilders’ mansions, and the narrow cobblestone streets are just some of Portland, Maine’s history. It is easily one of the most dynamic cities in America. Air BnB’s are extremely cheap and can easily be found accompanied by a waterfront and abundant green space that make a trip to Maine affordable for college students.

Also only a few hours from ENC is the state of Vermont. While it may not be big, Vermont has charm that cannot be found anywhere else. It attracts visitors based on its skiing resorts, hiking trails, and, of course, their maple syrup. Many people who visit Vermont adore its little cities and historical sites, but most people travel to Vermont for the serenity. It is such a peaceful place to kick back, relax, and get away from the real world, especially school work.

Neighbor to Vermont, New Hampshire is close by for people who don’t want to travel very far. It is simple to take the “Mega Bus” from Boston to anywhere in New Hampshire — you can reach its border in less than an hour! There are many sleigh rides and scenic drives for the holidays. Concord, New Hampshire’s state capital, is where you can catch a theatre show, explore beautiful art galleries, or go and eat at well-known restaurants.

Mystic Seaport in Connecticut allows you to explore authentic lobster shacks and take strolls through beautiful villages. While familiarizing yourself with the area, you will see storytellers out in the streets enticing visitors to tourist attractions, and musicians making the town come to life. It is only 2 hours from Boston!

One of the most alluring towns in all of New England has to be one located right here in Massachusetts: Rockport, Massachusetts. If you have yet to visit here, you should make a note to do so. It is located right at the tip of Cape Ann Peninsula and is one of the most visited town by tourists in Massachusetts. There are beaches that last for miles and trails to hike and help you maintain your healthy lifestyle. Many locals spend their time scuba diving or kayaking in the warmer months, but when it is cooler, it is nice to just take some time and enjoy warm drinks and the nice scenery.