ENC students enjoying the messy but fun Glow Rage in April.

ENC students enjoying the messy but fun Glow Rage in April.

On Saturday, April 22, the Student Government Association hosted an event in the Lahue gym that new event for the campus. The event, known as “Glow Rage,” creates a dance atmosphere with a twist. The twist comes with one guy and a whole lot of paint. Throughout night, an array of colored paints was thrown into the crowd by special paint tubes or simply by the bucket. The company, similarly named GlowRage, also provides a DJ who played music the entirety of the two hour event.

GlowRage provided all the equipment needed for the event, including the paint, stage, and tarps to be put down. To add to the atmosphere, GlowRage used lasers, black light, music, and multiple colors of paint to make the night spectacular.

Students danced, jumped, and crowd-surfed in the gym for about two hours to music, covered in paint. The event cost five dollars and roughly 150 students attended.

Those brave enough to attened had an amazing night, which Madi Robinson attested to. “I thought it was really, really fun,” she said. “The music was great, it was a nice turnout. It was awesome to see the students from all departments coming together and I think they should do it again in the future.”

Administrative Assistant for next year’s SGA, Libby Nyquist, described the night as “a bit messy” with a laugh. “I was covered in paint. It was in my hair, on my face, and even in my eyes at one point, but overall it was definitely a good time.”

Keri Lewis, Assistant Dean for Community Life, was the mastermind behind the events, but SGA Director of Student Events, Bekah Stahl took her idea and made it possible. With her SGA budget and resources, Stahl made the event come alive with color and fun as the concluding event of SGA’s Spring Fever week.