Eastern Nazarene senior Jonni Albetta has founded her own start-up business, Sunday Morning Marketing. This marketing agency helps people and businesses succeed in marketing through various social media platforms.

Since its launch in October 2017, Albetta’s Sunday Morning Marketing agency has been growing. The company’s tagline is “Your vision delivered with ease.” Albetta chose the name for her agency because “Sunday mornings are relaxing, easy, and stress-free” and she wants her services to be like this. It is the mission of her agency to help her clients stay relevant in a “fast-paced world.”

With her social media management offerings, Albetta desires to transform her clients’ online presence by increasing daily activities, followers, and their engagement. Her agency offers to be a 24/7 community manager for individuals, and she guarantees more than 350 new organic followers. Moreover, Albetta’s private Facebook group leads to an increase in her clients’ engagement, recipients on her email list, and traffic to here marketing site.

In the Facebook group, Albetta posts weekly videos about important social media methods and more. The marketing strategies of Sunday Morning Marketing include the immersion of the clients into their brands, the determination of their competition, as well as the discovery of opportunities based on past activities. The number of active clients that Albetta serves changes every month. Currently, the business is working on campaigns for 13 clients.

Albetta also has an online blog which she “started by accident.” In order to apply for internships, she had to create a blog URL because many employers were asking for it. When she realized that it began to take off, she started to promote it on Instagram.

Today, Albetta has over 20,000 followers and readers. Brands such as Sephora started contacting her with money offers in exchange for product promotions. “After many people began to ask me to work on their accounts, I decided to officially make myself a business,” Albetta states.

Albetta acquired her skills by researching, talking to professionals, and some trial and error on her own account. Moreover, she worked in ENC’s Marketing Department where she was able to “form a lot of connections through [her] boss.” She visited several networking events, panels, and had many remote internships.  Since social media strategies change weekly, “it is about staying on top of it and reading analytics frequently.”

In additional to starting a new business, Albetta is getting married in July. For her, however, the work is worth the income. “When I graduate in May, I will be able to take on more clients and earn a lot more money than what I’m getting now!”