The hard-working members of Eastern Nazarene College’s student government council provided students with free transportation to a worship night at Impact Church on Friday, September 14th.

Justin Reed, the Director of Spiritual Life for the Student Government Association (SGA), put this event together. He got the idea from ENC’s former employee Chris Cherry. Justin recalls, “Chris Cherry sent me a PDF through text of the worship night and he said ‘SGA Event?’ and I said ‘Sure.’” 

With the invitation extended, he set out to share the idea with the rest of his council members to see if everyone was interested.  After getting approval, Reed, a Youth Ministry Major, reserved some ENC vans and provided sign-ups for any student that was interested in attending the worship night.

Sign-ups for the transportation were held in front of the school store throughout various meal times. Out of the 30 students that signed up for the event, about 20 took advantage of the free transportation. Students with cars on campus reached the event by carpooling with their friends.

Freshman Harry Snyder was one of the students that took advantage of the free transportation. “I’ve always been into Christian music, so it was a lot of fun. It was like going to a Christian concert but for free!” he exclaims. 

By providing vans for students, SGA was also able to connect students to a church. As a member of SGA, Reed says that he would be open to connecting with other churches as well. “I think what I learned is that as college students, we really connect to music in a special way, and I think it’s a really good way to connect to God. So, if other churches were having nights like that, I would definitely be willing to help ENC students get there.”

If students would prefer to experience worship on campus, there are options for that, too. Student led Kingdom Experience and Refiner’s Fire happen every other Sunday, while Late Night led by Pastor Stretch and Jill Dean happens every Wednesday. Angell chapel is an alternative quiet space on campus if you prefer to worship in private. These places and events create a safe space of worship for anyone that would like to attend.