Commuters at Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) have options when eating on campus with the designated commuter meal plan.

According to the 2018-2019 student handbook, commuters have three options for meal plans: the five meal plan (five meals per week), 25 meals for the semester (good for any meal) or 25 meals for the semester plus $25 cub cash (pg. 114).

Matthew Mansaray, commuter president, explains that ENC students can “… sign up for the meal plan through cub cash or they can establish it on their ENC ID.”

By adding a meal plan to your account, commuters can enter the dining hall by scanning your ID instead of paying each time they enter.

Meal plans for commuters would benefit those with earlier classes that don’t have time to eat before they leave their home.

“I have 7:45 a.m. classes every day, so having the option would be nice,” says junior Silas Ishmael, who commutes from Milton. “Early classes are unavoidable; breakfast should not be.”

Not only does the commuter meal plan give you convenient access to the dining hall, but it also provides a “social aspect,” states Calvin Nutter, a commuter at ENC. “When you are a commuter, you have limited options to interact with peers on campus. With the meal plan, you can socialize with resident students in the dining hall.”

Although there are many possibilities in the dining hall at ENC, Nutter sees eating meals in the café as a gamble: “If you do not like the food at lunch, then you waste a meal swipe.”

Matthew Mansaray is working on creating a daily menu commuters can view before they enter the cafeteria. The commuter plan is just one of multiple inclusion efforts being made by ENC administration to make commuters feel more involved on campus.