For students looking to apply the skills gained through their ENC classes beyond campus walls, an honors contract may be a good place to start.

Honors contracts are available to all students, not just those in the honors society. Any student can petition for an honors contract, so long as they consult with their instructor and receive their support. After the petitions are reviewed by the Honors Scholar Society, the student is then able to proceed with the modified coursework or syllabus assigned to them by their instructor.

Honors contracts allow students to get a more comprehensive and rigorous education in any subject here at ENC. Honors contracts are beneficial to students, professors, and community members in ways that many people may not realize.

“Our hope is that the honors contract will bring students a richer knowledge of the methods of a particular discipline,” says ENC’s assistant history professor, William McCoy.

Professors are always encouraged to see students taking this initiative. As McCoy puts it, “faculty appreciate the opportunity to work closely with students…to be able to see up close the initiative that students are taking.”

Many within the ENC administration hope honors students are encouraged to be academic leaders, with the honors contracts being one of the many ways to do that.