This semester’s chapel at Eastern Nazarene College has continued to draw in students with intriguing speakers and encouraging worship. Here are some things you can expect from chapel this semester.

The theme of chapel this semester is a continuation of last semester’s chapel theme, Via. ENC Student Chaplain Lynne Bolinger described Via as “a road, a path, a journey, or the manner in which we do something.”

While last semester’s chapel focused on the theme on 1 Corinthians 13, this semester will focus on the theme as it relates to the end of Job and the beginning of Psalms in the Old Testament.

Jasmine Vigo, a theater for social justice major and a member of the worship team, said that “when bringing Psalms 1 and Job together, it’s showing that…the [right] way can be very difficult and very trying, but down the line, it will be worth it.”

In the exploration of these passages, we have heard from Nicole Braddock Bromley, an ENC alumna and activist for victims of sexual abuse. We have also heard from Dave Capozzi, a pastor at the Brockton Covenant Church, and Pastor Marcella Charles from the Dorchester Church of the Nazarene, sharing their testimonies on race in celebration of Martin Luther King Day.

Other speakers to look forward to this semester are Reverend Simon Pierre and Caritas Rwaramba, survivors of the Rwandan Genocide on February 22. ENC president-elect will be speaking on March 15 for the first time at chapel.   

“I wanted us, as a community, to hear some stories about people who might say the same thing as Job,” said Lynne referencing this semester’s speakers. “[People] who would say, ‘I had heard about God, but now my eyes have seen God’ and what that journey was for them.”

The Office of Spiritual Development is excited to see how the chapel speakers are received by students this semester. For a complete list of the chapel speakers this spring, visit this link.