Taking summer courses has become increasingly common for students of Eastern Nazarene College (ENC). In previous years at ENC, students have found this to be difficult, but history professor Bill McCoy says that will not be the case this summer.

There were multiple barriers for students who wanted to take summer classes at ENC, one being the price.

“We were way too expensive,” says Professor McCoy; the reason for this, he says, was inflation. “It had grown to a place where we were four or five times more expensive than a typical community college in terms of our tuition.”

Institutional aid does not apply to summer courses, so students have to pay these prices out of pocket. The results were that students had no incentive to take summer courses at ENC, and professors had no incentive to offer them due to the low levels of interest.

All that changes this summer. For the first time, twenty-six courses are being offered online, as opposed to the two courses offered last year.

Most importantly, tuition has been brought down from $960 to $405 per credit.

“Even if students do choose the residential options,” says Professor McCoy, “a course shouldn’t cost them any more than $1500, which is less than half of what they would have been paying otherwise.”

Monica Ly, student body president, weighed in saying “it would be easier to take a course here than it would be to take one at a community college and then transfer those in. It gives students the ability to take classes here, on campus, for less money, and to have those credits transfer almost effortlessly.

The courses being offered are mostly general education and intro courses. Professor McCoy encourages students to sign up for courses as soon as possible, as enrollment started the first week of February. Interested students should reach out to their academic advisors. The drop in tuition also applies to internships and practicums, so students doing either of these things can benefit from the cut tuition rate as well.

For more information on ENC’s summer course offerings, see: Summer 2019 Course Offerings.