Here are the questions and answers from the SGA Election Forum held on February 21. Audience questions are not included. Questions were prepared by Darvence Chery.

Noah Cheney, Student Body Presidential candidate

Question 1: How do you plan on making SGA’s theme more of a lifestyle on campus rather than a catchy slogan?

I think there are plenty of good words that can be used as themes and plenty of good phrases that can be used as mission statements for SGA, but I don’t think they mean anything if students don’t buy into what that phrase or word can be. So I think we need a student body president that can connect with all students on campus and can create a theme that resonates with all students and has a meaning for all different types of students and what’s meaningful to them.

Question 2: How would you define school spirit, and what ways do you see that being shown on campus?

I think each student brings their own needs and desires for this campus, so I believe we need a student body president that is able to connect with students and hear their stories; hear their needs and their desires and their wants for this campus. And not only listen to their stories but act upon what they hear. So as student body president, we would need somebody that can speak to administration and faculty who have the power to make those decisions and bring change to this campus.