Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) is incentivizing proactivity for returning students completing their required enrollment tasks before returning to campus.

As an incentive for completion of these tasks before the end of the spring semester, a scholarship fund totaling up to $150 will be given to students for fall 2019. The first part of the checklist scholarship is to complete or waive the FAFSA by February 28 to receive $25. The second important date to earn $75 is March 31, on which students need to complete a schedule for the fall. If students complete all other items on the list by April 30, they will unlock the last $50 scholarship.

Departments like student development and student accounts have noticed that while a lot of focus is given to freshmen when they first move in, no further attention was being given to students when they returned as sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

This checklist was made to give students a clear plan of what is expected of them before they leave for summer break. The list gives students the opportunity to review their cases and ask questions face to face with the departments, instead of over the phone during the summer.

“We are tracking it to make sure that everyone gets what they deserve at the end of it,” said Rebecca Hynes, assistant director of financial aid, in regards to the scholarship money. “It’s incentivizing the things that you already do but just encouraging you to do those things sooner.”

Hynes shared that her office has already started putting together award packages for returning students. Moreover, the financial aid office plans to have those available on the portal for students in April. Providing these packages early allows students to assess what they owe compared to their financial aid for the fall in order to develop a payment plan.

“From a students standpoint, if something is missing they are able to talk about it; they are able to figure it out; they are able to get things done accordingly,” said senior Melody Sagastume. “And it doesn’t interfere with student loans or other deadlines that could potentially harm the student.”

While Sagastume supports the idea of a checklist, she still wishes that the incentive scholarship was a little higher and that another form of incentive was offered for international students who do not receive FAFSA.

If students have questions or are interested in learning more about this potential scholarship, contact a staff member in the financial aid office.