Here are the questions and answers from the SGA Election Forum held on February 21. Audience questions are not included. Questions were prepared by Darvence Chery.

Ashley Prax, Director of Student Events candidate

Question 1: What is your expectation of student conduct at student events and what would you do if someone came to you with a complaint about student behavior?

*This answer was mostly indecipherable. This is the condensed version of her answer.

We have student conduct for a reason, so I think if there was a situation I would go to Keri [Lewis] and ask for help. We have rules for everything. I would do my best in planning to make sure that conduct is met. If something were to happen I would go to someone on my council or Keri to try and address the situation.

Question 2: How would you describe the culture on campus when it comes to attending events? What incentives are there to attending events?

The culture of ENC is different. We have the same people that go to every event, and when that group is not there, they’re like “why aren’t you there?” We also have the groups who never go to events that still like to give their opinions about an event. We also have groups that are diverse. You have the events by the multicultural center and the same people come. You have the events by SGA and it’s the same sort of people there. I want to bring all of those together. I want to work with Robert Benjamin. How can we bring everyone to one event and then make that event where it’s not one group in that corner and one group in that corner, because every event you go to on campus, it’s the same. And where everyone sits at chapel you have all of the groups separated. So I want to look to see how we can push all of these groups to not be so separated. I know this year, for instance, Aaron did a drawing at the end of the year based off of the scanning into events. Having that incentive, but really knowing that going to the events is going to bring you together more in the community.