Senior ENC men’s basketball player Nathan Vazquez is graduating this spring from Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) completing a history major, as well as minors in business and education.

The family name “Vazquez” is well spread on the campus of ENC. Last year, his brother Timothy already graduated from ENC.

Vazquez explains: “I don’t know the number, but I’ve had aunts, uncles, cousins go here, plus both of my parents.” For the past four years, a member of the Vazquez family played on the men’s basketball team.

Looking back at his ENC career, he remembers, “every year had its ups and downs, but it was good to play with many different players and under two different coaches.”

His favorite ENC basketball memory was the first round playoff win over Roger Williams University in 2017. This year, the 6-foot 2-inch senior claims, “the season went well; it’s the best record we’ve had in a few years.”

Besides, “Nate,” what his friends call him, is known on campus for being a man of many talents. He not only won the lip-syncing contest with his team performing a mash-up song, he also won the eating contest in the cafeteria two years in a row by eating ten hot dogs in one minute and 20 seconds. In his intramural career, Vazquez claimed championships in volleyball and dodgeball.

After college, the senior will join the United States Army for four years. Starting on May 20, Vazquez will undergo a basic training program for about nine weeks. Then, for three months, he will go to officer candidate school. The future U.S. army officer stresses, “I want to serve the best country in the world.”