So you think you can work in admissions? Current admissions counselor Madison Flowers thinks she can, as well as others who want to help encourage students to attend Eastern Nazarene College (ENC).

A bachelor’s degree is required to get a job in the admissions department, and it is beneficial to have had prior experience working with people. Flowers has a degree in psychology and had work experience in coaching and recruiting players for teams. When asked which degrees were preferred for the job, Flowers explained that a lot of degrees provide proper qualifications for the job.
“Completing a degree in itself teaches a lot as far as meeting deadlines, group work and growing intellectually,” said Flowers who graduated from the University of the Cumberlands in 2009.
Working in admissions means dealing with people daily, therefore communication skills are a must. Other skills such as patience, organization and self-motivation are also valued. Flowers said that her passion is to bring high school students or transfers into a four-year Christian institution where they will grow and be supported.
Flowers said she has “full faith in the experience ENC offers.”
A typical day in the admissions office consists of reviewing student files and transcripts, filling out paperwork, and talking with students and parents. The admissions team is always reaching out to admitted students to tell them what ENC has to offer, gauging what the student is looking for, and then showing them why ENC is the best fit.
If a job like this interests you, have a chat with someone in admissions, and keep working for your bachelor’s degree.