Eastern Nazarene College is partnering with Regis College to expand master’s degree options in health professions.

These health profession programs are designed for undergraduates at ENC to start taking master’s level classes as early as their junior year. Students can pursue nursing, health administration, regulatory and clinical research management (CRM), and public health.

Jennie Doane, health professions coordinator at ENC, says the college hopes to offer “other creative options for students” to pursue a medical degree without going to medical school. Doane’s role at ENC is to develop “opportunities for ENC students to pursue careers in the health profession.” By initializing the conversation between ENC and Regis, Doane was able to make this partnership a reality and offer students the option to pursue degrees and careers in healthcare.

The undergraduate classes ENC students take are held online, however, the actual master’s program is at Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts. Students can begin the master’s program early with this new partnership and finish their degree at Regis.

Undergraduate students can take a master’s level course online through Regis which then counts towards their graduate program. After completing their degree at ENC they can then attend Regis to work toward a degree and entry in the healthcare field.

A plan is in the works to offer Regis students an opportunity to complete master’s degrees in psychology fields here at ENC, making this a give and take partnership.

Regis has put aside three to four spots in each program specifically for ENC students to take advantage of, so if this is something you are interested in do not hesitate! Contact Jennie Doane at 617-745-3548 or jennie.doane@enc.edu.