What are three goals you have for your new position next year in SGA? 
“One, I want to have a more accountable and transparent student government. Two, I want to listen to the stories of our students and have a platform for students to share their stories; and not only listen to their stories but act on that and act on what is heard from those stories of our students. Three, try to find a way or create a better platform for student leaders on this campus that doesn’t lead to burnout by their senior year in their student leadership roles. Those are the three things I would like to try and accomplish. Being in SGA this year, I have seen the workings of it, so I know the roadblocks that are faced and what can be accomplished and what can not be accomplished. So just trying to work those ways out and trying to figures out ways to accomplish new things and also not setting my sights too high; since I have been in SGA for a year already I know what can be accomplished and what can not be.”
Do you have plans set up to make your goals a reality? 
“I don’t have specifics because I haven’t completely started training yet. I have only seen from the outside what Monica has done—a little bit of the inside from being on SGA with her. I don’t know completely all the opportunities or ways she can make stuff happen. But I kinda have a plan and ideas, but not necessarily all the details to it.”
Besides doing what is required from your SGA position, what is a different aspect of being in SGA that you are excited for?
“Meeting with faculty and administration. As Director of Rec. life I didn’t really have the opportunity as much. We met with some faculty as a whole group, but not necessarily individually. I worked a lot with Dr. Zarges in athletics and Anne [Cawthorne] and Tony [Kabilian], but that was with the intramural schedules. I also worked a little bit with Tara [Watkins] doing the cook out with the play. But I think it will be exciting to work with different people in different administrations.”