Pedes Cardinalis−the pen name of an ENC student who prefers to remain anonymous − published a book, “Rogue Sorcerer,” this semester.

After working on the book for three years, Cardinalis self-published the 382-page book on Feb. 3 using, where it is currently available on Kindle and in paperback.

“Rogue Sorcerer” is a fantasy novel. The words and descriptive passages are steeped in overtones of magic while the characters are down-to-earth and easy to sympathize and empathize with.

The book propels the reader into the story of Aiden, a young man plagued by his past and forced into training to become a sorcerer. In the first chapter, Aiden faces the difficult decision to, as the back of the book puts it, “lose his humanity, or his life.” Aiden makes his choice, becoming an enemy of the sorcerers, but is miraculously saved by a woman.

In the next few chapters, members of other magical schools like the “Mahoka” join Aiden, as well as a priestess of the one God. Enemies of the sorcerers, Aiden, and the group travel to learn the secrets of elemental magic, all the while plagued by their own pasts and by the politics of the land.

There are two types of magic in the fantasy world of “Rogue Sorceror.” One is elemental magic, which uses the elements of the world such as fire, water, earth, light, and wind. The other type is spirit magic.

The book’s elemental magic is closer to the classic example of fantasy magic with wizards and spells. Spirit magic deals with blood holding the power to control the spirits, but at a great cost: those who practice blood magic must hear the voices of the demons for all eternity. While this magic seems evil, it is necessary for the balance of “good” and “evil.” However, the book shows that the two are not always black and white.

This book is not necessarily one of magic, nor of good and evil.  This is a coming of age story for Aiden and his band of companions. They face questions that many of us ask ourselves, like, “What defines me?” and “How do I deal with the demons of my past?”

“Rogue Sorcerer” is a fantastic read. It is nearly impossible to put this book down − you will not be able to pull yourself away from this magical and enchanting world.