Sibilia 2.2

Sophomore Chris Sibilia and a few pieces of his artwork, along with his guitar. Photo credit: Timmy Greene.

Genuine art and passion can too often remain unrecognized and stifled on a small campus. Sophomore Christopher Sibilia is slowly proving that artistic expression is anything but diminishing from this campus.

Sibilia is a Psychology major, RA, member of Summer Ministries, occasional Harry Potter impersonator, Pokémon Card master, but above all, he is an artist.

Sibilia plays guitar, writes music, draws, and paints, all of which he considers to fall under the single category of personal expression.

“I love expression and emotion… Even on instrumentals, they don’t say a word and they still communicate so much and it still speaks to me,” Sibilia commented.

He connects the communicative power of music to visual art, as well.

“I can see it visually,” said Sibilia. “Some days I really try to put my emotions, feelings and inspiration to the paper, and it’s the same thing for guitar…I approach [effects] pedals as different colors that I can add to the mix, just like how an accent of one color can really change the canvas and bring out the other effects and sounds.”

Though Sibilia understands his artistic identity as personal expression, he feels he needs to allow his art to portray his relationship with God.

“I want to worship God with my guitar and my art through the opportunities of ENC, learning to let the Spirit lead me through the paintings and the music as a team and as an individual,” Sibilia explained.

Not only does Sibilia find that art lets him worship God, but it also provides a new way to learn more about God.

“I feel like if the creator of all things… [is] my inspiration when it comes to what I can create, then it will bring my art a little bit further, and he might reveal more to me about Himself through the process,” Sibilia said.

Sibilia plans to pursue art therapy post-graduation in effort to help others through difficult times with encouraging and resourceful outlets. He hopes his art can bring healing to those struggling with issues from addictions to abuse, and allow them to express their feelings in a nondestructive manner.

“I see a lot of beautiful and unique people here, and they’re all art,” shared Sibilia. “You have to learn how to look at yourself like how Christ does because he values you above anything: as unique and one of a kind. That’s what art is; it’s unique and it’s beautiful.”

Currently, Sibilia’s art can be found posted on Facebook, in his dorm room on 2nd Memorial, or at various events around campus. He will also share his art in many locations this summer with his new Summer Ministries team.