Walk into the ENC school store, take a slight right and you will run into a small table displaying CDs and a poster reading, “Hiittner Sisters.”

In May 2014, ENC students Amanda and Jessica Hiittner, of Moultonborough, N.H., released their first EP, Hold On. This album contains seven original songs, each telling their story of faith and perseverance. The sisters hope to pass on their faith in God through their songs and lyrical testimony.

Music came naturally for the two sisters. At the age of 8, Amanda began her weekly piano lessons, while Jessica, age 6, learned the violin. They were able to grow their musical prowess by traveling with a worship ministry for over four years, performing all over the east coast. After that experience, their love for music only grew stronger.

The first song they wrote together was in the midst of hardship. The song “Just Pray” is dedicated to their cousin, who suffered a serious injury during her freshman year of high school. The family was distraught, ceaselessly praying for healing. A worker at the hospital came in and asked the family, “Do you believe in the power of prayer?”

That same night, at 3 a.m., their cousin regained consciousness, and was released from the hospital that following week. The sisters were excited to share what God had done in their family and soon began performing their song in local churches. Their songs then became not just personal stories, but something that others could relate to, and draw strength from.

“Writing became an outlet for going through both the good and bad times,” said Jessica.

The first song on their EP, “Makes Me Want to Sing,” describes a moment in the girls’ lives where they knew everything was going to be okay, regardless of the surrounding situation. The EP also contains a bonus track called “Movie.”

“Movie is more upbeat than our other songs, a preview of what is to expect next from The Hiittner Sisters,” Amanda commented.

The Hiittner Sisters continue to write their original songs and hope to release a second CD soon.