The spring semester flies by so rapidly that by the time spring break arrives, we are caught off guard; we quite honestly cannot imagine what to do with copious free time. For those of us not heading to some place tropical, we spend the whole break trying to figure out what to do, and then suddenly it is time to come back to school. Here are some ideas make the most of our spring break.

2015 Spring Break

1. Do not do homework (if you can help it!)

While some syllabi may argue otherwise, it is called a spring break for a reason: it is a time for students (and professors) to relax and re-energize.  For many students this will be extremely easy, but there are plenty students out there who can’t help but worry about classes. If you read through upcoming assignments and decide it might be a good idea to use spring break as a homework week: don’t.  It is tempting to just keep working hard, but it may just make you burn out sooner.  This week allows us to clear our minds for a bit, and gets out brains back in shape to work hard through the rest of the semester. If you have a large term paper, or are incredibly behind, than maybe use this time to catch up; if you are on track and doing, then relax and enjoy the break.

2. Movie week

Once your workaholic tendencies have been subdued, you can focus on discovering fun ways to pass your hard-earned free time.  One time-waster is to plan a themed movie week; find your favorite movies and watch one each night of break.  Consider watching a lengthy movie series such as Star Wars or The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings. If that does not work, try out a specific genre (comedies or romance for instance) or even pick a different genre for each night.  While you can arrange this as a potluck movie week with friends, or alone with Netflix, having a movie marathon will pass your time and entertain you while with your one true love: bed.

3. Get creative

For the artsy folk on campus, academics can sometimes get in the way of creativity.  Even for those who do not consider themselves artistically talented, making something creative during break can be a fun way to express yourself that has a concrete output.  Make a silly film.  Write a short story.  Record a song.  Paint something—or someone, if they let you.  Creativity has no requirements, due date, or grade.

 4. Reconnect with loved ones

If your schoolwork or other activities have temporarily pulled you away from those you care about, use this time to keep those connections strong.  Sit and talk with your parents and siblings to catch up, or call an old high school friend and schedule a time to meet up with them.  Keep in mind your campus connections; write letters to your campus friends and give them the letters when you return to remind your friends that they’re loved, even when you’re otherwise occupied.

 5. Read the Bible

School can take you away from your spiritual life. Maybe you want to make reading your Bible a habit and have not found a rhythm yet. Take spring break as a chance to read a few passages, or whole books, while you can so when you get back on campus, you have a basis to start. And even if reading your bible is not something you are particularly interested in,  read the Bible over spring break.  There is so much that has been inspired from biblical stories: from movies, to literature, to historical events. Reading the Bible ensures you will grow as a person and academic student, and spring break is an open invitation to get started.