Just as Adam and Eve were God’s creation, they are reincarnated in Micah McCaw’s recently released duo EPs, Adam and Eve.

Adam contains one song that is one minute long and Eve contains two songs, the first song is one minute and the second song two minutes.

Adam is an extremely raw song that is performed stripped; without hectic noise or multiple instruments, the listener is left with an overwhelmingly eerie feeling. McCaw writes these specific songs from each character’s perspective, thereby humanizing the characters in the Bible and reminding us that these characters experienced the same temptations and guilt that we are faced with today.

McCaw’s voice is honest. He poses intriguing and important questions about our culture and about life. Adam has overtones of a Bob Dylan simplistic folk sound from  “They Times They Are A-Changin” days.


Album artwork for “Eve.”

Eve, on the other hand, takes a different approach. The first track consists of McCaw’s echoing voice matched with fast paced drums and piano. It is impossible to listen to this track without at least tapping your feet along to the beat. The second track aims to humanize Eve just as was done in Adam. The second track begins with the familiar upbeat tempo, but slows down near the end, drawing the listener in to actively decode every word being sung. There is a definite influence from the White Stripes in this EP, detectable in the upbeat piano and drums and even in McCaw’s lyrics. This EP ends much too soon, with him softly singing, “In the garden he used to walk with me.”

These two EPs are available for name-your-price download at micahmccaw.bandcamp.com.

Adam and Eve are only the beginning of this ambitious, refreshing, and imaginative concept of music, and how stories can be told through song. All we can do is pray for patience as we anticipate his next EP. His third EP, Abel, will contain three songs, the first song one minute long and two after that with a minute added to them.

Last spring, McCaw released his first full-length album ‘Til Life Turns Over, which can be purchased through iTunes or on his Bandcamp page.