Portland rock band Falling Up will be marking the end of a successful fifteen-year career with the release of a final album in mid-November.

Their final album has been teased across various social media platforms, with the title “Self Titled.” It will be promising for listeners who prefer the more experimental and melodic approach of their past few albums. Falling Up released their first single from the album, “In the Woodshop,” in September, which features a refreshing, ambient sound similar to that of their more recent work.

“In the Woodshop” is also a glimpse into the very last story Falling Up will ever tell. The band is known for composing albums based around ambiguous tales, and they revealed that this album is no exception. Lyrically “In the Woodshop” describes a character that warns a loved one of impending and inevitable danger. The character’s sense of urgency and hope, in contrast with the peaceful instrumentation, make it an addictive listen.

Lead singer Jessy Ribordy also included a clip of another new song in a recent video update. The unreleased track is simultaneously heavy and melodic, similar to the edgy songs found on their 2013 album “Hours.” The band once again references a dark conflict with the intriguingly eerie lyrics: “Keeper of the dying, I defy you/Spinning in the night into our bedrooms…”

Falling Up has been constantly creating music that blends science fiction storytelling with heavily layered guitars, synths, and drums. Throughout their career they maintained a message of hope in Christ. Their sound, however, has evolved vastly over the years, ranging from the nu metal  and rap-rock sound of their 2004 debut “Crashings” to the instrumental, movie score-influenced EP, “House Full of Caverns” released this past summer.

The band stated on social media and their Kickstarter campaign that they plan to pay homage to their entire catalog in their final album. On Twitter, they noted that “the heavy songs are HEAVY.” Fans of their older, more energetic material will likely find something to love in this new music.

The band’s diverse discography is filled with quality songs and inventive stories. Now, with years of experience under their belts, along with the dedication to go out with a bang, Falling Up is likely to release their strongest work to date.

“Self Titled” will be released Nov. 13, and can be pre-ordered through their bandcamp page.