The South Shore School of Theatre recently funded renovations of the Cove Fine Arts Center, according to Tara Brooke Watkins, ENC professor and owner of the theatre school. The facilities have been given an updated, cleaner look.

First, they refreshed the lobby with an antique atmosphere. The first-floor hallway and classrooms were updated from old carpet to new bamboo hardwood laminate. The former fire red walls are now painted in classic white and grey. According to Watkins, “the walls create a better theatre feeling.” Pictures of past productions hang on the walls dating from 1982 to 2016. These images aid in lending appreciation to the past and present throughout ENC’s rich 40 years of theatre history.

For the last five years, the South Shore School of Theatre has used the space of Cove and, Watkins states, “because ENC was so generous and we have used the space for five years already, we wanted to say thank you by financing the renovations.”

Watkins explains that Cove stands for diversity because it shows the stories of everyone who is on stage. She says, “there is a wide range of styles and cultures.” Classic and contemporary pieces, as well as Greek theatre and modern comedy, are all performed in Cove.

Looking forward, Watkins states that, “we want to contribute to ENC’s future.” She continued to say that “we would like to have a renovation project every year if ENC is willing to continue the partnership.” The stage lighting and curtains, along with the flooring of the rehearsal room, are potential projects for the future.

Currently, ENC and the South Shore School of Theatre are working on moving the costumes from the Munro basement to a house across the street from Cove to help centralize the operations of Cove. This project has the potential to provide more jobs for students such as the costume management and organization staff.