Third Memorial, an iconic group of male residents on ENC’s campus each year, embarked on their first retreat to New Hampshire. Bubba Snodderly, the Resident Assistant of Third Memorial, reported on the exciting adventure.

Snodderly wanted the retreat to be an intentional event to bring the floor closer together by giving the guys who usually don’t talk to each other the chance to get to know one another in a stress-free setting. “It’s important for our emotional well-being to get out and get away with the men of Third Memorial for just a weekend of fun,” Snodderly shared.

Snodderly got the idea when he started to think about how busy everyone is during this time of the semester. Students are faced with mid-terms, projects, and lack of sleep. In addition to all this, finals are right around the corner.

The men of Third Memorial travelled to Alton Bay, New Hampshire, where movies, kayaking, and board games were just a few of the activities that the residents participated in during the trip. RAs get a small budget to hold floor events each semester, but that budget certainly does not cover an overnight trip to New Hampshire. Snodderly found an affordable cabin that was lent to them for the weekend by an ENC faculty member. The total cost of the trip was only $20 per person attending, which covered food and gas for the two-hour drive up to Alton Bay.

Snodderly stated, “I wanted a larger turn out from some of the guys who have been a little disconnected, but unfortunately they can’t all come. I hope that we will be able to try this again in the spring with a larger turnout.”