Every Sunday evening at 9 p.m. students and faculty gather in Angell Chapel for worship and prayer at Refiner’s Fire.

“Refiner’s Fire was started many years ago by Jeremy Scott, but was not carried on throughout the years,” junior and co-leader of the ministry Sydney Michael said.

The ministry was co-founded by Mike Lyle, and Charlie Luong played a big role in starting it, according to co-founder Scott.

“Last year Danielle Wilson and I decided to start it up again. We recognized that there was no solely-worship service on campus and thought that it would be something that would be good for students,” Michael continued.

This year, Refiner’s Fire is run by senior Sarah Shute, junior Sydney Michael, and Coordinator for Music Ministries Jamie Brown as the faculty advisor. Each service begins with a brief prayer that ushers students, faculty, and outside guests into about one hour of worship music.

“Each week, we try to have different students leading the worship. We are hoping to incorporate some sort of structured readings or prayers this semester,” Michael said.

At the end of the worship time, attendees sometimes break into groups to pray for one another.

“Prayer is probably my favorite part about [Refiner’s Fire],” junior Ashley Cook said.

Senior Jacob Misla relishes the time to rejuvenate through worship at Refiner’s Fire.

“It is a great way to set time aside to grow closer to God amidst the week that is bombarded with school, work, and other things,” Misla said. “It is a good time to just reflect back to God and replenish yourself after being mentally drained.”

The first Refiner’s Fire of spring semester will be held in Angell Chapel at 9 p.m on Jan. 27. Students interested in helping with worship can email Shute or Michael.